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"Dear Lord, You're Not Black, White or Brown."

Shot on Sony NX5U

This is a personal poem that I've been developing and will continue to work on. I used two panel LED lights within this video.

"It's All In The Details"

Shot on Canon T5i 

This is a project where I used a Flash Unit, On-Camera LED Light and natural lighting as a secondary source. I thoroughly enjoyed practicing on my manual focusing abilities and using the different settings on the DSLR camera. This is probably my favorite project where I had various ways to control and manipulate the lighting. To use fill flash, direct lighting, with and without diffusion, bounce the flash off a side wall, chiaroscuro, rembrandt and cameo lighting, and last but not least, my favorite, silhouette shot(s).

A Step Into the Mosaic of My Visions"

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