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My Background

As the youngest of two, my sister and I grew up in the outskirts of Napoleon, Missouri, which is in the Eastern outskirts of Kansas City.


With the ability to code switch between two different languages, American Sign Language and English, I've been able utilize Total Communication as I navigate between the Deaf and hearing world. I grew up participating in in Girl Scouts, sports, choir ensembles (verbal and sign language), band, dance, and theatre.


I graduated from University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in Communication Consultancy, and a minor in Digital Media Productions.

My Studies

I've had a journey of attending three different high schools by the time I graduated in 2012 from Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Washington, D.C. I went on to attend Gallaudet University, which is the only university in the world where students live and learn using American Sign Language and English.


By 2014, I transferred to University of Central Missouri to be closer to my family as I focused on mental and emotional wellness. With the need to step away, I left UCM in the fall of 2016 with the promise to myself to return to school and complete my degree within five years.


As promised, and thanks to the communication barriers amid the changes of society due to COVID, I made the decision to return to an environment that was more accessible than anywhere else at the time.  The masks made it next to impossible to communicate with non-signers. So, I reenrolled myself back at UCM January 2021 and graduated May 2022. 

My Goals

I am passionate about accessibility, equitable communication, am so very curious-fascinated with our natural world, organic humanness and poetry. I strive to share creative content that's not only aesthetically diverse, but to also make an impact for individuals to be (and want to be) more inclusive.


I hope to be able to provide resources, share conversations with members of our community, and discuss about ideas that promotes coexistence where we thrive more than survive.


One seemly impossible goal is to co-host and air a radio series that highlights the importance of d/Deaf-Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, hearing loss - early and late - topics that needs more awareness. With awareness, we can produce action, and with action, we can inspire proactive growth.

Continue the journey of SoulGardening or SoulCrafting and share what I've been and am discovering.


I'd love to write a book someday, to share writings of my body, mind, heart and soul. To share my experiences, what I've learned and the pivotal lessons I can't help but wonder if others could learn from as well.

Embark on a darkness journey:  The medicine lies within,

so there's a Sky Cave Retreat that's nestled in the woods on a mountain side in Southern Oregon I wish to experience.


To be in total darkness for at least three to four days.


For so many years I've been running, moving, and digging at the desire to "achieve" spirituality. To release these "black marks" I've accumulated and have released over the years. They believe when we allow ourselves to fully rest into the truth of what we are... Our true nature is all that remains.


"No practices are even necessary for this quest"

       - Ramana Maharshi 

Self portrait: Angela is facing the camera, eyes are closed, half of hair is pulled back and is smiling. Angela has peace sign gestures, palms facing outwards towards the camera while wearing multiple rings on the fingers of both hands. She is wearing a dark green shirt, artsty asymmetrical glasses and there is a bouquet of flowers on the wall in the top right corner background.
This is a medium-shot, candid photo of Angela. She is facing towards the camera with eye gaze is towards to lower right area in front of her as she's signing/talking. She is wearing rings on multiple fingers of both hands, is wearing a  black trench coat, has her curly hair down and is wearing a black hat. There are trees and leaves throughout the background (indicates to be fall season).
Self Portrait. This is a "three by three" of the same image as one whole image. A white, fair skin individual stands in front of the camera, off centered with her arms up. One arm has tattoos of music notes, roses and a diamond. Angela's arms cover her face as her hands make a shape of a heart with her black hearing aid mold is within the center of the gestured heart. Aesthetic tone of the image is heavily shadowed.
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